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Virtual Medical Scribe
When You
Need It Most 

For all the physicians.

Why us ?

We help hospitals and medical practices by providing virtual medical scribes based on the physician's  specifications. Our Scribes Crave to work with physicians that helps to increase productivity and decrease physician burnout. Our program transforms your practice by increasing  patient flow and deliver patient care in a comprehensive way.

Medical Team

Virtual Medical Scribe

Unlike a standard medical scribe, a virtual scribe is a revolutionary concept in modern medicine. Our virtual scribe provides real-time administrative help without being present. During the appointment, our scribes are connected virtually and gather all the information from the doctor - patient encounter. They enter data in your EHR via HIPAA compliant software.

Our services

Live Scribe

The physician connects with the scribe before they start seeing patients. During the visit, the scribe will take detailed notes in real-time of the exam room's conversation. The necessary data will be loaded  in the EHR for the physician to review.

Medical Transcription

Transcription involves doctors sending us their dictations at their convenience and the scribe will receive and transcribe them within 12 hours of TAT. The doctor will dictate what to be documented into the EHR and the scribe will follow the instructions.

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