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Problems That Medical Scribes Can Solve

Doctors work on patients, treat them and also spend an additional few hours maintaining the EHR. This is the primary reason for physician burnout.

In such instances, doctors turn towards transcriptionists to reduce their administrative tasks.

Listed down below are the problems that medical scribes can solve-

· Improves medical practice-

Scribes help in documenting the medical records of the patients for future references. This allows the doctor to delve deeper into his practice and entirely focus on his treatment planning. The result of it is plain and straightforward- more patients getting treated along with upgraded satisfaction.

· Reduction in medical errors-

Due to multitasking, doctors may fall prey to the unnecessary fallacy. This problem is wholly sorted with the help of medical scribes. Documenting patient’s records allows no space for mistakes. Medical scribes are solely hired to work on the clerical work. Since they are trained and work diligently in one case at a time, therefore there is hardly any scope for errors.

· Doctors do not get ample amount of time-

Since the doctors are busy conducting tests, evaluating the patients, and treating them, this takes away a significant segment of time from them. However, the problem arises when the doctor also has to devote some of his time to maintain the patient’s records. This makes the physician burdened with work and incapable of performing his work with full effectiveness and productivity. Scribes act as a boon in such situations, where they share the doctor’s burden and help him deal with his sole duty, which is treating a patient. On the other hand, medical scribes, under the guidance of the practitioners, create data and records of the patients with utmost sincerity so that the outcome is favorable. This eventually raises the overall bar of efficient patient work.

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