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Why are patients dissatisfied in today’s world?

medical scribe
medical scribe

Data and technology are immersing so inadvertently that the most crucial factor of the hospital sector is neglected.

Patients for whom the entire healthcare system exists do not carry any meaning at a realistic level.

medical scribe
medical scribe

Hospital staffs are so engrossed in the paperwork that they do not even look up at the patient who is standing at their desk.

Doctor’s on the other hand, are bound to maintain medical records. This takes away a major segment of the patient's treatment time.

Due to all the hurriedness and less time given to them, patients do not stay satisfied with the kind of treatment offered to them.

Doctors devote more time on the screen-

There are patients who reach the doctor’s clinic from miles afar. It is not wrong that after traveling a great distance and standing outside the doctor’s office for hours, they require the doctors’ undivided attention.

When the doctors are unable to do that; the patients feel disconnected from the doctors resulting in their dissatisfaction.

The doctors spend more time reading the EMR, compensating the patient’s treatment time.

The whole drill not only wastes the patient’s time but also delays the subsequent patient’s turn. This results in treating a lesser flow of the patient.

Many times, due to a disbalanced state of work. Doctors who work on electronic medical records remain in a hurry to treat patients as well. This may lead to patient record errors. Thus, none of the tasks are efficiently accomplished.

The EMR is essential as they carry the medical history and the complete health status of the patients. This work cannot be compromised.

medical scribe
medical scribe

The solution-

  • A simple answer to all this chaos is to hire a medical scribe.

  • The medical scribes have the sole duty of maintaining the patient’s records. They can do their work without having any diversion of pending work.

  • This allows the doctors to redirect their whole attention to their patients and working on more patients.

  • Therefore, the advent of scribes has not only reduced the doctor’s burden but has also increased patient satisfaction.

medical scribe
medical scribe

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