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Depression in Doctors?

medical scribes
medical scribes

Doctors are the healers of society. They perform immense duty and put in all their hard work to save a patient’s life.

However, the whole system of healthcare can drain a person both physically and mentally.

Ironically, a person who practices in treating patients may need physical assistance at times.

The job profile of a doctor requires continuous persistence and zeal in treating patients. To do so, he needs to handle extreme pressure and stress.

medical scribes
medical scribes

In coping up with his duties as a doctor, it is not feasible in his profession to give adequate attention to himself.

Reports say that many doctors have committed suicide due to the impending tension in the field.

The reason behind the stress-

The contributing factors that result in stress and tension are not being able to devote hours to oneself and effectiveness in the work in the allotted time. Hence, the shortage of time may result in not getting satisfied with the outcome.

Where does the majority of the time go then?

Primarily, a significant amount of time goes into filling the records of the patients. The EHR should be filled with extreme diligence as all the data recorded are used for future preferences.

medical scribes
medical scribes

How to mitigate the pressure of doctors?

Doctors may get engrossed in so much work that they will not be able to devote ample time to other productive work.

Especially data entries consume so much time that the doctors are unable to treat the flow of patients.

The job of a doctor is to promote health by giving the right treatment plan. This gets disrupted with the unnecessary documentation work.

To feel like a real doctor again, it is essential that the division of work is done wisely.

Data entries and clerical jobs are efficiently performed by medical scribes. They help to reduce the doctor’s burden so that he can focus only on the treatment.

The advent of scribes has offered more time for doctors to be attentive towards themselves and their families.

medical scribes
medical scribes

This work-life balance in the life of doctors has proven to save more patients as well as doctors in some instances.

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