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Why physicians love scribes?

Medical scribes
Medical scribes

Medical scribes have come down as ‘angels,’ for the physicians.

Scribing is a job where the individual transcribes information into electronic health records (EHR) under the supervision of the doctor.

As Medical scribes or documentation assistants jots down all the information in the system, it thereby allows the doctor to give his attention solely to the patient. He becomes free from entering referrals or orders.

Researchers have conducted a study showing that with the surfacing of transcribers, a myriad of benefits has been offered to doctors.

Medical scribes
Medical scribes

Increase in patient interaction-

In this context, a study highlights the fact that the patient-doctor relationship improved in the presence of scribes.

Out of 735 patients who were interviewed for the study, 57% assured that their doctor now spent lesser time on their computers. More than half reported that their doctor spent more time talking to them now.

Thereby it was proved that with just ‘ one extra person,’ the doctor-patient relationship improved drastically as now the doctor could give his undivided attention to his patient instead of devoting time to data entries.

Higher level of doctor satisfaction-

‘I feel like I am a doctor again.’

‘ I now have my life back.’

Doctors came up with these statements in the research when their life took a 180-degree turn with the help of the transcribers.

  • On a scale of 1-4, with 4 agreeing to the use of scribes, the result came as an average to be 3.6

  • Thus, medical scribes proved to be highly advantageous to the doctors.

Better teamwork-

Medical scribes
Medical scribes

The hospital staff, medical workers, doctors all had a similar belief. The medical transcribers changed their life for the better. Now, they could indulge in the professional works for which they were actually hired. The job satisfaction which was looming away, caught up with a new spark. No more time got wasted in documenting, and instead, they could work wholeheartedly and give more time to their families too.

The rise in patient flow-

As doctors could devote more time to patients instead of giving time to data entry, more patients started to flock for the undivided attention. The study also revealed that few doctors began to see more patients in their free time. Thus, medical scribes became one of the reasons to save more lives of patients. It is not much wrong if we imply them to be the strength behind the doctors.

Alleviate physician burnout-

The use of scribes removed the documentation burden from the doctors. The doctors were no longer left traumatized by the heavy data entry work.

Atul Gawande, CEO of the Amazon, health initiative wrote an article, ‘Why Doctors Hate Their Computers,’ in the recent New Yorker. He reflected on physician burnout and rising suicide rates. The blame was to be given to the complex EMR systems that were draining away the doctor’s motivation to work and making them overburdened with the system.

Medical scribes were the solution to this problem that many doctors approached.

Medical scribes
Medical scribes

As a doctor, it is your responsibility to save life and not entangled yourself in such complexities. To lessen down your worries and better your life, call for Virtual Scriveners (medical scribes), who are your best and only solution.

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